Early Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

What are the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy ?

Am I pregnant?

How and when to carry out pregnancy test?

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Early signs and symptoms of pregnancy indicate that a new life is developing and nourishing inside a women’s body. Expecting a baby is a joy for a woman who is trying to conceive. There are top 12 signs and symptoms of pregnancy that are very common but they may vary from women to women but most of them are same which include missed period, nausea, morning sickness, cramping or spotting.

Let’s see some of the most common early signs and symptoms of pregnancy which can help you identify if you are pregnant or not but it is not necessary that every would to be mother experience all the signs and symptoms stated below.

1. Missed period

Missing a period can be an indication of the big news of being pregnant. You normally miss your period after 4 weeks of conception or even if it is late conception you can miss a period. So basically it is from the last day of your period to the first day of your expected period. If a couple is trying to conceive and experience a missed period then a pregnancy test can confirm the news of their little one coming in their life. Most recommended is to wait for a missed period and do a preg test at home and consult your doctor about the result. The doctor will confirm it for you.

2. Swollen and tender breasts

Due to the hormonal changes in the body the breasts become swollen and tender in pregnancy. This can cause some twinging pain or tickling pain in the breast. But it will go after the early period of pregnancy and will come around again at week 11. The breast size continues to grow and the area around the nipples known as areola becomes darker in color.

3. Increased basal body temperature

During pregnancy the basal body temperature rises and your heart pumps more blood. You should try to drink more fluids and also avoid any strenuous workout.

4. Nausea

Nausea with or without vomiting is most common in females but some do not even experience it throughout pregnancy. On the other hand there are women who strive with extreme nausea. It is completely normal in pregnancy but if it is severe then one should consult a doctor and try to keep hydrated. Dizziness and headaches can also be considered under nausea.

5. Morning or noon sickness

Some women feel low and have nausea in morning but some women have this symptom of pregnancy in evenings or at night. This symptoms lasts only till first trimester. Usually women feel better and energetic after their first trimester is over.

6. Cramping

Cramping occurs when the fertilized egg travels down the fallopian tubes and is implanted in the uterus. This pain is just like period pain and will go around in a day or two. There are some cases in which women feel extreme pain but still it will go in a day or two. It is just like how you feel before your periods start.

7. Spotting

When a fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus some spotting can occur which can only be identified by wiping or if you observe a stain. Some women confuse it with beginning of their menstrual cycle. This spotting can occur for 2 to 3 days. Some women also don’t encounter any spotting.

8. Fatigue

Fatigue is always side by side with pregnancy. Due to high progesterone levels you can feel very sleepy in early pregnancy. Feeling low and tired is all okay.

9. Increased urination

As more blood is pumped by your heart the more function is carried out by your kidneys. Kidneys produce more urine than usual. You can have multiple night trips to bathroom too in later pregnancy.

10. Bloating and constipation

Bloating and constipation can occur all due to the levels of progesterone and estrogen hormone in your blood.

11. Food aversions and strong sense of smell

Food aversions are quite common in pregnancy. You can like to eat something which you never wanted to eat before or you cannot eat something which you really love to eat. So it’s all common. Some strong sense of smell is also developed in pregnant ladies. If they don’t like a certain smell it can make them feel like vomit.

12. Mood Swings

Mood swings in a pregnant women are the consequence of her hormonal changes and they are a part of pregnancy in which there is no need to worry about.

The best thing to be sure about your pregnancy is to do a pregnancy test after a missed period. If the test is positive then consult a doctor. Many pregnancy test kits are available in the market so choose a reliable one and clear all your doubts and suspicions regarding your early pregnancy.

Good luck and have a safe and healthy pregnancy. 

Acknowledgement: The data on the website mayoclinic.org was quite helpful in writing this article.


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