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How to get pregnant fast? Why I am not getting pregnant? Are these questions hovering your mind? If yes, then you are at the correct place.

Getting pregnant

Pregnancy is the most exciting and fascinating part of life. Getting pregnant and having babies is the most eager desire of couples after marriage.The only way to get pregnant faster is having sex with your partner. For couples, trying to conceive following are few tips on how to get pregnant faster. .

1. How to monitor menstrual cycle?

Do you know what “fertile window” is?  It is known as the most fertile period of menstrual cycle in which ovulation occurs. Ovulation is the release of egg from Fallopian tubes. When this egg is fertilized with a sperm pregnancy occurs. The fertile window duration is somewhere in the mid of menstrual cycle in which a women experiences thick, clear white mucus or vaginal discharge. A women, normally feels a greater basal body temperature in these 4 to 5 days of fertile window or ovulation. So, if you are trying to conceive then keep a record of your body temperature after your periods are over. It is the best time to get close to your partner and allow those little sperms to fertilize the egg.

“Please note: Not every women ovulate in mid of the cycle but many do. This depends only on bodies internal conditions so consult your gynecologist if you are not sure when you are ovulating”.

In women, menstrual cycle is usually of about 28 days but it can vary from female to female.  A women should try and keep a record of days between her two consecutive menstrual cycles. Day one marks with the starting of a period and ends when a new period starts in the next consecutive month. The difference between day 1 of your first cycle to the day one of your second cycle are actually total number of days in your monthly menstrual cycle. Ovulation occurs somewhere in midpoint of the cycle and that is the most fertile part to conceive and get pregnant so try having sex in these days.

2. Do Prenatal vitamins prepare your body for conception?

Yes, they do it to some extent. Prenatal vitamins containing folic acid is usually considered a best practice as the folic acid in these prenatal vitamins helps to conceive a baby without any neural tube defects. One should consult their gynecologist for prenatal vitamins prescription as consultation is very important even if you are planning to take supplements.

 3. How often to have sex?

If you are trying for conception then you should have an active sex life. Having sex every other day is good for the quality of sperms as it increase the littler swimmers capacity to swim and meet with the egg and produce a ball of cells which will implant in uterus and after a period of 9 months, lies in your arm as a cute little baby. Making love with your partner every day is totally ones choice and desire but for healthy life and conceiving it is important to have sex every other day.

4. Are there certain sex positions to get pregnant?

No, sex positions do not make any difference if you are trying to conceive. It is totally a myth. As far as there is good penetration there are no issues regarding position. The sperms should be deposited high up in the vagina near the cervix. This allows the sperms to easily swim to the uterus and Fallopian tubes and find the egg to fertilize. While making love with your partner one should try and opt for positions in which they are comfortable and deep penetration is possible. A passionate and comfortable love making means more orgasm and that’s what you want for the sperms to swim efficiently. Having orgasm is not necessary for getting pregnant but as it is a natural lubrication so it helps a sperm in swimming.

5. Are there any health concerns to conceive?

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is quite important as it keeps your body in a good condition. You should have good eating habits, do not smoke or drink, eat fruits and keep yourself hydrated. Healthy body weight according to your height and age is more preferable in conceiving. Women should avoid any strenuous workout. Normal routine exercise is good both for health and proper body weight.

For men, it is better if they eat a balanced diet and avoid high temperatures in their scrotal areas. For example, they should not keep laptops in their lap while working for hours as high temperature in the scrotal area can affect the quality of sperms.

6.  Are there any hormonal issue related to conception?

Yes, sometimes there are some hormonal issue in both men and women which can cause a delay in conceiving too. It's better to consult a gynecologist after trying for 1 year or if there are problems related to menstrual cycle in females and ejaculation in men.

7. Exhausted after trying for long?

Some couples can conceive earlier whereas for some it takes a long time. In this scenario there is no need to panic and get stressed.  From childhood we learnt a proverb “slow and steady wins the race”. This is what a couple really needs to do if they are trying to conceive and it’s taking long. Thus, taking stress disturbs hormones so it’s better to try and be calm and show little patience while trying for a baby. Try to look for early signs of pregnancy if you miss your period.

8. Stop taking birth control

Birth control methods should be avoided if you are planning for a pregnancy.

Unfortunately, one cannot exactly plan a pregnancy. Some advice can work for one couple but not for the other, so, if it’s taking too long to conceive then do consult a doctor. There are few cases of infertility too and such cases can be treated if known earlier in marriages. People have babies even after many years of marriage so keep trying and good luck.

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