Osteoporosis, osteoporotic bone break
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Osteoporosis | Causes | Osteoporotic Bone Break

Osteoporosis or Osteoporotic bone break Osteoporosis or Osteoporotic bone break is a medical condition in which an individual have a low bone mass density or in other words his or her bones are weaken and are easily liable to fracture. “Osteo” means “bone” and “porosis” means “porous” so osteoporosis is a bone disease in which …

Pregnancy Diet
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Pregnancy Diet | What to Eat In Pregnancy | Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

Do you want to know about pregnancy diet? Thinking what to eat in pregnancy? Yes! You are at the right place! Pregnancy is one of the wonderful experience of your life and you might know that a healthy balanced diet is the key to healthy baby. Pregnant woman needs the following nutritional requirement in her …

side effects of epidural after birth
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Epidural Side Effects After Birth

What Are Epidural Side Effects After Birth?  With every medication there is chance of side effects. Same is the case with Epidural injection which is given in labor. Epidural side effects after birth are very rare but possible. Epidural side effects include: Low blood pressure of the mother, Headache, Nausea and vomiting, Fever, Problems in …

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What is an Epidural? Painless Birth

What is an Epidural? Painless Birth An epidural is a type of anesthesia that is injected into mother’s lower back for painless birth or delivery. It is basically an anesthesia which is locally available and is used with a needle and a tiny tube called as catheter.  It is usually given by an anesthetist. An …

signs of labor
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Signs of Labor | Symptoms Before Labor Begin

Looking for signs of labor? How will I know I am in labor or having fake contractions?   Dear mama-to-be, you might be experiencing multiple emotions at the present moment. You might be excited, nervous, confused, happy and afraid at the same time. Right? Let’s first see what labor is? Labor is the stage in …

prenatal vitamins
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Prenatal Vitamins: Benefits and How long to take Prenatal Vitamins before Pregnancy?

What are Prenatal Vitamins? Prenatal Vitamins are a supplement which fill the nutrition gap in your diet. These supplements are taken both before and after conceiving. They contain all the required nutrients your body needs during pregnancy. Doctors normally suggest to take prenatal vitamins 2 months before you are trying to conceive as it helps …