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Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy is one of the wonderful experience of your life and you might know that a healthy balanced diet is the key to healthy baby. Pregnant woman needs the following nutritional requirement in her pregnancy:

  • healthy fats,
  • lots of fiber,
  • proteins,
  • vitamins and minerals,
  • lots of fluids,
  • proteins

In this article we will share with you top foods to take during pregnancy.

  • legumes and whole grains
  • dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese
  • leafy green vegetables
  • fruits
  • fish
  • eggs
  • proteins and lean meat
  • Water

Legumes and whole grains

Legumes include beans, lentils, soybean, chickpea and peas. These small legumes are a power packed house of protein, iron, fiber, calcium and folate. A pregnant lady needs all these nutrients in her diet to maintain a healthy pregnancy and to give birth to a healthy baby. Folate (vitamin B9) is very important for the baby as it prevents any type of neural tube defects in babies.

Whole grains include wheat, rice, barley, oats, quinoa, and soybean. They all are essential for the healthy development of the baby. As they are rich in fiber, iron, vitamins and minerals.

Dairy products

Your baby during development requires calcium and proteins. To have a healthy pregnancy it is also important for you to have a good intake of calcium and proteins. It helps in the bone development.

Dairy products include milk, cheese and yogurt. They are a rich source of B vitamins, calcium, proteins, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus. They have two most essential and high quality proteins known as whey and casein.

Try to eat Greek yogurt as it contains more calcium than any other dairy source.

Please note if you have any type of yogurt and probiotic allergy then do consult your doctor before using.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Vegetables are very important in a healthy and balanced diet and especially for a pregnant women it is essential to take dark green leafy vegetables. These vegetables include spinach, kale, broccoli and all other green vegetables which you can find.

The benefits of taking these vegetables is the amount of nutritional value you can get, as they are a rich source of iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, folate, calcium and fiber.


Fruits are a rich source of vitamins. You should try and eat all the seasonal fruits. Oranges and berries are a must along with other fruits like watermelon and avocado. Fruits are plenty source of vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber, iron and healthy carbs.


Fish e.g. salmon and fish liver oil are good for a pregnant women. They contain omega fatty acids which are essential for a healthy baby and mother. These healthy fatty omega 3 acids are helpful in the brain and eyes development of your baby.

Seafood normally contain greater or less amounts of contaminants so it is better to avoid fish which might contain large amount of mercury or arsenic. So in this scenario it is better to eat salmon in controlled quantity which will be quite helpful to you and your baby. The best part of eating salmon is you can get little amount of vitamin D as it is considered one of the natural source of vitamin D.


Eggs are a power pack house of nutrients and essential not only in pregnancy but also in day to day life. They contain almost every nutrient which is required for the healthy development of your baby. They are a rich source of high quality proteins, vitamins, minerals and healthy fat.

Eggs contain choline which is required by a pregnant woman. Choline is used in the brain and spine development of the baby. You can eat an egg every day.

Proteins and lean meat

Chicken, beef and mutton are a good source of nutrition for you and your baby. They provide large amount of proteins. Beef also contain a sufficient amount of iron, choline and B vitamins.

If you have any meat aversions then do opt for other sources of iron mentioned above. Iron is very important element in pregnancy as it prevents anemia during and after delivery.


Surprised to see water in healthy foods? Well, water is the most required of all. It keeps you hydrated, relieves constipation during pregnancy, and prevent any urinary tract infections which are common during pregnancy.

A healthy balanced diet is must during pregnancy but still it is recommended to take prenatal vitamins which can fulfill the exact daily requirement of a pregnant women.

Best of luck with your pregnancy and plan a healthy diet as a healthy mother means a healthy baby.

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