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Pregnancy Weeks To Months Conversion| How Many Weeks Am I Pregnant?

What is weeks to months pregnancy conversion?

How many weeks am I pregnant?

How many weeks are there in trimester?

Pregnancy Weeks to Months

Is your head locked up with all these thoughts and you are confuse about the age of your pregnancy? Here comes a great solution for all mothers to be.  Pregnancy is considered in all the trios (weeks, months and trimester) so there is no need to worry which calculation is correct.

How long is pregnancy?

First of all, we should know that that pregnancy is 280 days long if we see in days, 40 weeks if we consider it in weeks and 9 months if we are talking about it in months. Pregnancy can also be divided into 3 trimester. These 3 trimesters are normally what we listen about.

Pregnancy in weeks and months

There are total 40 weeks in pregnancy but it doesn’t mean that pregnancy is 10 months long. Your due date is calculated form the first day of your last menstrual cycle (LMP). However it is possible you are not expecting at that time or you had a late conception but this is how the due date is calculated.

So now let’s see how weeks are calculated in pregnancy. If we see the calendar we will observe that only the month February has in total 4 weeks with 28 days. The other months of the year have 30 or 31 days which makes them 4 weeks and some few extra days long. These months are considered as 4.3 weeks long. So if a month is 4.3 weeks long and pregnancy is 40 weeks it means pregnancy is 9 months long.

It is not necessary that every women reaches 40 weeks as some women can go into labor anywhere between week 36 to 40 and their newborn is considered as preterm baby if delivered before 37 weeks and is considered a full-term baby if it is 37 weeks or above.

How many weeks in a trimester?

There are three trimesters and the first trimester is 9-13 weeks long which means it is of three months. The second trimester is also three months long and by the end of it you are 26 week pregnant and into your 27 week. The third trimester is the longest of all having around 14 weeks. From 27 week to 40 week third trimester is considered.

The following pregnancy month to week chart will make easy to identify at what stage of pregnancy you are:

Pregnancy in Weeks, Months and Trimester

Month 11-4 weeks
First TrimesterMonth 25-8 weeks
Month 39-13 weeks
Month 414-17 weeks
Second TrimesterMonth 518-21 weeks
Month 622-26 weeks
Month 727-30 weeks
Third TrimesterMonth 831-35 weeks
Month 936-40 weeks

We hope this, pregnancy weeks to months conversion, and month to week conversion is much easier now for you.When you go for a pre-natal checkup, for example your doctor tells you that you are 27 weeks and 4 days pregnant. This means that your 27 weeks are complete and you are in your 28 week of which 4 days are already gone.

Many due date calculators are available online which can be used to measure the due date.

Good luck with your coming bundle of joy.

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